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UFO2   It’s not every day – or night – that one has a UFO experience, but tonight (Tuesday, October 27, 2015) was one of those nights for me.

The Formation Appears
I just stepped outside to take out the garbage. I don’t know what urged me to look up and over my shoulder; but when I did, I saw three to four strange, pulsating and glittering white lights flying in a straight line across the sky, running roughly parallel to our condo. The were spaced roughly an equal distance apart and traveling in what appeared to be a straight line across the sky, headed due south.

I’ve Never Seen Lights Like This
The lights were strange. I mean very strange. I’ve never seen any aircraft using this type of illumination before. The UFOs were using a bright white light that burst into a pointed star pattern similar to the pointed designs often found on compasses or drawings of snowflakes. They burst in a strobe-like frequency, yet they appeared more like a twinkling or glittering against the night sky. (I know this sounds strange, but it’s the best way I can describe it.

“Honey! Get Out Here!”
When confronted with something so strange and unknown, I did what any man would do… I shouted for my wife. As she came out the door and I pointed to the sky to show her what I was seeing, the objects – which were already traveling at a speed visibly quicker than most aircraft – increased their speed. Within a matter of seconds, what was once flying over our condo community was now roughly over the neighboring city of Northville, which is a a few miles away.

Note: I’m not saying that the UFOs picked up their speed because I saw them and hollered for my wife. This was likely a coincidence.

UFO   The Formation Changes
By the time the lights were (estimated) over Northville, their formation changed from the straight line in which they were previously flying. As previously mentioned, they were headed due south, nearly parallel to Haggerty Road. In a visual experience that I can only compare to twisting the tube of a kaleidoscope, the straight line changed into a formation that was roughly in a triangle or even a square. (Similar to the picture.) I cannot stress enough how quickly this happened.

Additional Witnesses, Sort Of…
Upon seeing the tail-end of these flying lights, my wife shouted to her 18-year-old son to come out and see them. He was outside the door in a matter of seconds but it already was too late. Fortunately, a young lady walking her dog in front of our house also heard my shouting and managed to look up into the sky to see what she described as “some blinking lights.”

A Variety of Information
I posted a shorter version of this on my Facebook page. Two of my friends from in and around Flint, Michigan already have told me that they saw something similar last night at about 11pm, and the night before around 1am. Also, my brother-in-law just told me that he thought he read somewhere that this area was supposed to be experiencing fighter jet patrols.The only evidence I found for that was this story, which reports that the training flight is scheduled for Thursday, October 29, 2015.

Could I have seen fighter jets flying in a yet-to-be-reported training mission? Perhaps some A10 Warthogs from Selfridge Air Force Base being threatened for retirement? It’s possible. I make no claim to knowing or understanding the origins of what I saw tonight. All I can say is that they were unidentified flying objects in every sense of the term.

“No Plane That I’ve Ever Seen”
At the risk of sounding like every slack-jawed yokel who claims to have seen a UFO, I will say that if these were planes, they were like no planes I’ve ever seen. It’s important to note that we live close to Detroit Metro Airport, so we get jets flying over our house all the time. In fact, four flew overhead at the end of tonight’s garbage run. As a matter of comparison, the strange lights I saw were traveling so fast that they made the known jets I saw look slow and cumbersome by comparison. Also, the lights were much different.

Not the First Time I’ve Seen a UFO
I don’t tell everyone this, but tonight’s experience wasn’t the first time I’ve seen a UFO. I had a much closer encounter on April 2, 1992. The reason I know the date is because it was the day I got married to my first wife.

Long story short, we were driving to Emporia, Kansas from Burlington, Kansas on a two-lane, rural highway. On the right, was a farmhouse with a gigantic cornfield. Hovering above that cornfield were four, circular lights that were glowing a bright but soft white. These lights cast no glare, and although I could not see what type of craft they were attached to, neither my then-wife nor I heard any sound although these lights couldn’t have been more than 50 feet off the ground.

Having seen “Fire In the Sky: The Travis Walton Story” only weeks before, we were pretty freaked out by what we were experiencing. Other motorists on the road seemed to feel quite the opposite. The two cars ahead of us, and at least one driver behind us, pulled off to the side of the road to stare at this unidentified craft/lighter source. Me? I put the pedal to the metal and got the hell out of there!

Have You Seen Anything?
If you’re in southeast Michigan – or anywhere else – and saw something resembling what I’ve described tonight, put a message in this blog. Really, if you’ve had any experience with the unknown or paranormal, feel free to share i here. As you can probably see, I’m rather open-minded about these things…

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