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Your immediate environment can be the best and most effective weapon you can ever use in a self-defense situation. I’ll bet Al Gore never taught you that!

But before I start waxing poetic, let’s watch this video:

Okay… there are so many different directions this post could take based upon this 1:46 second video. It was brought to my attention from a friend who shared the video on Facebook and used it as a platform to discuss the efficacy of headbutts in a self-defense situation. While that proved to be an enlightening discussion, I’m going to take a different direction… namely, that most environments that people fight in can be the most devastating weapons, and they’re all available for you to use.

Before I start, let’s get one thing straight: I’m not talking about “weapons of opportunity.” A weapon of opportunity is something you can grab – a beer bottle, pool cue, stick, etc. – in the heat of the battle and use as a tool to defeat your opponent. What I’m talking about is using the actual environment itself as a weapon to disrupt and disable your opponent.

Case in point, this video. The crazy long-haired guy effectively used the pane-glass window – part of the environment inside the Subway restaurant – to his advantage by quite literally pushing his opponent the length of the floor and through the window, itself. The shattered glass did more damage to his opponent than the push/shove did, as was evidenced by the profusely-bleeding lacerations all over his opponent’s face.

Needless to say, shoving the young man through the window will likely result in felony charges for the long-haired wildman, but that, too, is a separate post.

Using the environment as a weapon can be easy if you’re mindful of it. For example, if you’re going to push someone, push them into a wall or through a window. If you’re going to slam someone, you can always slam them into a table and/or chairs just as soon as you can the floor, though the floor works, too. Pushing someone down a flight of stairs is also a good example of using the environment as a weapon, though a a high chance for fatality or serious injury usually follows this choice. (Just like pushing someone through a window.)

Quick trip down memory lane: After a few years at a private junior high school, I transferred back to public school in the eighth grade. A fellow student decided to test meddle in drama class, of all places, on the stage in the auditorium. It happened to be set up for a play and there was a large “bar counter” made of wood paneling placed upon the stage.

Long story short, the student climbed the steps to the stage and confronted me before swinging a wide, looping right that caught me in the ear, making my head ring. Much like the long-haired wildman in the above video, I somehow grabbed the young man’s wrist, spun him around, and sent him crashing through the wood paneling, which broke like glass and raked the back of his neck, causing bleeding lacerations. He also hit his head on the hard, two-by-four frames, giving him a slight concussion. As I was running in to pull him out and finish him off, my fellow students restrained me, thus ending the fight.

This is a true story, and it was a rather shocking revelation to my eighth-grade mind regarding the effectiveness of using the environment as a weapon. Feel free to share your stories when you’ve either used your immediate environment as a weapon or have witnessed someone do the same…