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In days of old when J.P. was bold and good music wasn’t invented, I thought I’d try my hand as a punk rock singer/songwriter along the lines of Henry Rollins and Jim Carroll. After extensive touring, I finally landed a recording contract but the major label decided to keep the album and release me. Here’s one set of lyrics that never saw the light of day:

Lyrics by J.P. Ribner

The sky is a blanket above me
colored gun-metal gray
Trudging through the slush again
It’s just one of those days
the snow on the concrete, stained black as coal
exhaust pipe scars, clouds, choking my soul
and I keep thinking this shit’s getting old
Why am I so… cold?
Why am I so…

Wind-chill factor kisses,
go straight to the bone
Empty branches reaching out
but I’m so alone
Car tires splash, puddles threaten to drown me
Trapped under ice, lost, nobody’s found me
and everything around me has been bought and sold
Why am I so… cold?
Why am I so…


The snow keeps coming down
It keeps falling down
It’s falling down
upon my head
They say things are comin’ ’round
but it keeps comin’ down,
keeps falling down until I’m…

The sky is a blanket above me,
colored gun-metal gray…