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gun.memeThat seems to be the “logic” of this Facebook meme, which I’m more than happy to debunk.

This meme illustrates the dishonesty of Democrat’s growing cadre of unhinged fanatics. From their mouths, their representatives preach a moderate stance on what they call “gun control” – case in point, Hillary and Bernie’s comments during the debate – but memes such as this betray the real agenda of of those who would vote for this would-be Socialist dictators.

Intellectual Dishonesty of the Left Re: Gun Control
When it comes to their anti-gun message, the Left continues to be dishonest, insidious, and malicious. This meme is a perfect example. It draws a false equivalence between slavery and gun ownership, even though the two are completely unrelated issues. Also, it highly suggests the Left’s ultimate goal: to rid the Constitution of the 2nd Amendment.

Diabolical Democrats and Their Hidden Messages
So why mention gun ownership and slavery in the same context? That simple. They wish to link the two subjects to create the appearance that one is equal to the other. When you read it, did your mind fill with images of angry white men – neo-Nazis, the KKK, white supremacists, and militia/survivalists? Chances are it did, and that exactly what the meme’s creators were hoping you would do.

This tactic is called a false equivalence. It’s a logical fallacy that describes a situation where there is a logical and apparent equivalence, but when in fact there is none. In this case, here’s what the creators of this meme want you to think: gun ownership is akin to the owning of slaves. Owning slaves is evil and immoral, thus America abolished the practice. Now it’s time to abolish gun ownership because it, like slavery, is evil. Learn more about false equivalence here.

Moreover, this tactic is a common practice in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and subliminal messaging. You don’t have to be an expert in either of these disciplines to see this. One only needs to know enough about these tactics to recognize when they are being used. (Note: NLP and subliminal messaging aren’t inherently evil. Like most things, the good or bad of it is determined in individual cases of usage.)

Gun Advocates Were Right All Along
If you’re pro-gun like I am, you’ve probably already experienced the verbal barbs of progressives and social justice warriors. They love to make fun of us if we say things such as, “The liberals want to take away our guns!” or “Obama is going to take our guns.” Whether we actually say these things or not, we get called crackpots, paranoid, gun nuts, etc. while they (falsely) preach a moderate position on gun control. (Consider Bernie and Hillary’s comments during the Democratic Debate.)

So I’ll say it again, the gun advocates were right all along. When I see this and other memes being shared by those who vote Democrat – two of my Facebook friends – I can draw no other conclusion than to say that the Left wants to take away everyone’s right to bear arms. They want, as the meme clearly states, to do away with the Second Amendment. And they’re not above tricking, duping, and manipulating YOU into going along with them.

You Fail Again, Progressives and Internet Social Justice Warriors!
By comparing gun ownership to the owning of slaves, you’re attempt goes a long way to rally more fanatics to this already-fanatical cause. I’m sure your friends at the coffee shop will be proud, but you’re not fooling me… or any of the hundreds of thousands of intelligent, responsible, conservative gun owners.

One More Thing About Responsible Gun Ownership…
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