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beast  While this meme works when referring to tough-talking suburban soccer moms and any other pussy-ass nerd trying to front, a new meme is needed regarding the word “thug.”

This meme should read:

Everyone wants to call themselves a thug,

Everyone wants to do what thugs do,

But nobody wants to deal with the consequences of being a thug.

So why all this about thugs? Because many in the black community – as well as the white, liberal progressives whose ideologies feed their hate – are screaming from the rooftops about the media’s use of the term “thug.” In their words, “thug” is the new “n-word,” making referring to someone as a “thug” a racist statement born of systemic white supremacy.

Truth be told, these social justice warrior types are right… but not in the way that they think they are.

“Thug” is the “new n-word” because, just like its predecessor, it’s a term that’s fine for use within a specific racial/social/economic group, but is equally forbidden for use by those outside said groups. In plain English, this means that it’s fine for thugs to call themselves and those within their social circle “thugs.” But if the word is used by a “non-thug” to describe a “thug” and/or his/her actions, it becomes a highly-politicized matter subject to a variety of ideology steeped in the alleged systematic racism that allegedly exists in power/non-power relationships, etc.

So to you non-thugs reading this, use this term at your own risk! The folks on Fox News are safe hiding in their TV station, but you lack such protections on the street or in the bar, etc. Therefore, if you use the word to describe someone or their actions, don’t be surprised if the suspected thug(s) does some thuggish shit to you, then label you a racist who refuses to own up to your own inherent racism and privilege.

And speaking of consequences, I’d like to get back to that portion of my fictional meme idea. Whether it’s prison or the cemetery – or simply being labelled a “thug” – there are repercussions to certain types of behavior that go against what’s generally expected in an orderly society. Sadly, this reality is rarely taken into consideration by would-be thugs until long after they’ve committed themselves to their act(s) of thuggery. By then, it’s too late; thus, I have a feeling this term is going to be around for a while.

So, with all that said, who’s up for creating the meme?

*As a quick side note, the dictionary definition of “thug” is “a violent person, especially a criminal.” The word has Indian origins, and was used to refer to members of a religious organization of robbers and assassins who waylaid and strangled their victims, usually travelers, in a ritually-prescribed manner. (Apologies to anyone of Indian descent who might follow the goddess Kali, but that is some straight up thug shit!)