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baby  “So what really is your problem with Internet Social Justice Warriors?” A Facebook friend and avowed ISJW recently asked me this. Here’s my reply:

At the risk of repeating what practically every conservative has already said, ISJWs have easily become as or even more intolerant as they claim every Christian/Republicans/Tea Baggers/conservatives they’re fighting against. (#TheRealInconvenientTruth) Every ISJW in the struggle has heard this, of course, yet like any other fact that conflicts with their “enlightened” worldview, they choose to ignore it.

They have absolutely no problem taking a heavy-handed, ham-fisted approach to their social issues and a blind fury with which they exercise this right. They do this by starting from the firmly-held conviction that they already have the moral high ground, and thus proceed to run roughshod over those who don’t think exactly like they do, or dares question their position. This can be evidenced in their very memes, which boldly declare: “If you don’t believe in (insert their cause du jour) then you’re part of the problem.” ISJW

I also take issue with ISJWs rather simplistic view of the world and America in particular. In short, they hate that part of America that has anything to do with Western white male involvement. As such, we’re burdened with their ongoing narrative of “systemic racism and white supremacy,” which is not only rather simplistic, it’s also getting old. By focusing on this sliver of history, they completely ignore the fact that other people/cultures engaged in much the same behavior as their hit list of dead white men, which would lead any rational person to conclude that acting out of extreme self interest seems to be the problem with the historical narrative worldwide.

ISJWs also ingore what we know about the human mind, particularly cognitive biases and other mental pitfalls that we humans, all succumb to. Instead they view the world in “Star Wars terms” the pit the absolute good against the absolute evil, and we all know what side they believe they’re on. I tend to think the truth is MUCH more nuanced and not simply defined nor solved; but in the current ISJW narrative, that makes me “part of the problem.”

Given that the majority of ISJWs whom I know are middle-aged white men, I wonder how much of their vitriol is psychological projection. This deep hatred of all things Western white male is so strong a force, and I can’t help but wonder if it gets triggered each time they look into the mirror. Something so strong can’t remain bottled up forever, so these mental midgets project their self-loathing and deep-seated feelings of insecurity outward onto other white males who aren’t sipping the ISJW Kool-Aid. Note: try suggesting this to an ISJW that this theory of psychological projection might be worthy of consideration and you guess it… you’re “part of the problem.”

Lastly, if ISJWs are going to keep telling me HOW to live and HOW wrong I am by not doing so, I want to know what kind of qualifications they have. I’m talking degrees, certifications, awards… anything that might acknowledge why I should swear blind allegiance to their desperate ideologies. From where I’m sitting, all I see is a bunch of white, whiny, washed-up, 90s has-beens yammering on and on about how THEY believe the world should be. If that’s the case, I might as well listen to myself.

Long story short, a few old adages easily apply to this ISJW craze, including but not limited to: “Practice what you preach,” and “It’s not WHAT you say, it HOW you say it.”

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