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“Yo! Dat’s da realest shit goin’ down in Baltimore right now, but Geraldo don’t want no part o’dat!”

Well, that’s what someone on Facebook said about a video featuring an angry black man from Baltimore who confronted Geraldo Rivera. On my friend’s page, the echo chamber kicked in with their typical enabling, and soon his thread become a place for a bunch of angry liberals, white hipsters and the occasional Internet Social Justice Warrior gassing each other up about what they think they know about race relations, the media, and the law, among other topics.

Yeah, it’s real… really stupid.

It’s late so I’ll get right to the point: this young man doesn’t like Fox News’s use of the term “thugs,” yet he didn’t do the greatest of jobs of convincing anyone watching this video that he isn’t one. He’s chasing Geraldo around, shouting at the top of his voice, with his eyes bugging out of his head. I’ve seen enough WorldStar videos to know that this very behavior is oftentimes a prelude to a fight, so it’s no surprise to me that Geraldo is trying his best to avoid the young man and not engage him.

In his pursuit of Geraldo, the young man castigates who he works for (Fox News), what he assumes Geraldo will report upon, and what he assumes Geraldo will ignore, namely poverty.  All while this is going on, the angry young man is being gassed up by an euqally angry crowd on a public street in a city that just experienced intense rioting. To top it all off, the young man informs Geraldo that he would like to talk to him with the cameras turned off.

I simply can’t understand why Geraldo would try to avoid him!