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While some people can place a foot in two separate worlds, few can match writer Lucifer Fulci/David Stashko’s ability to thrive equally in each . At all times, Fulci/Stashko, resides in one realm as dark as evil itself, while basking in another that shines with the light of a life redeemed. Whatever he’s writing – and whatever name he’s writing it under – he attacks his work with a sensibility that can best be described as unflinching. Nothing is taboo or out of bounds, and this visceral, instinctive approach is what makes him a fresh voice in the writing world, both Flintspired and beyond …

In his given name of David Stashko, he has penned two novels that chronicle the 12 monumental steps he’s taken in an arduous journey to free himself of chemical dependency. At times humorous, confrontational, and soul-searching, these accounts are filled with Stashko’s ability to be honest with himself and his former life. Throughout both pieces, he makes no demands upon his reader, as he acknowledges that the truths he’s learned from his experiences are his and his alone to bear. That said, observing the shadows of David’s former life offers lessons from which anyone and everyone can learn.

At night, Stashko transforms into his alter ego, Lucifer Fulci. In this incarnation, he’s the horror fiction fan’s horror fiction fan, penning novels that introduce readers to characters and scenes that are so intensely brutal, macabre, and psychotically evil that it makes the works of even the horror greats seem to pale in comparison. Fulci’s writing is definitely not for the faint of heart; but for those brave souls willing to travel through his valley of utter darkness, there are many rewards at the end of the journey.

Whether you’re seeking sin or redemption – or a little bit of both – check out Flinstpired Writer Lucifer Fulci/David Stashko. His works are a guaranteed punch in the gut! In the meantime, read more about this enigmatic man who walks the line between light and darkness.

I began writing when I was:
“About 9 years old. I began to write little spooky tales after I was inspired by scary movies and books at the time. There was something very special about books; I wanted to have one with my name on it … and it just HAD to have something to do with Halloween.

What moved me to write:
“It was all about the strange and unusual. The horror of the mind, the world, and beyond it. Halloween. Science Fiction. So many things. I just felt that it was my duty to do this.”

Right now, I am working on:
“I am finishing a book that has the title AZRATH the UNHOLY and MALEVOLENT. It is about as extreme as I can probably ever get. If anyone has ever read SIKI CITY, this one easily outdoes that one. I have been working on it for a while. It will probably be done around Halloween. I am still trying to get the word out about my new cannibal movie book … probably still gonna have some kind of party to launch it. So for now, just finishing up with that one … and at the same time, finishing up my new CD, which is called SUPERNATURAL HORROR METAL.

“On the recovery writing, I’m in the middle of something I call Roadways of my Recovery. It is already written, for the most part, just editing it and getting it all together.”

My work differs from others in the genre because:
“My writing has my stamp on it. I know that. Whether there is ANYONE else out there that has the same writing … well, I dunno. I have been inspired by Jack Ketchum, David J. Schow, Chas Balun – especially Chas – but I still have my own voice, and hope that it has something special about it.”

I write what I do because:
“I find that it lives in me … this thing from another world. I celebrate the horror genre as well as my recovery. It is a gift to be able to communicate … to be able to live, love, and adore such things of light and darkness. By writing about them and creating more and more, we are allowed to become something special. We are the stars. We shine in such darkness.”

My writing process is:
“I vanish into my studio. The walls are black. My mind must travel to a place where there is no disturbance. It matters not if I am inspired, I just go to it. When it comes to the writing of a book, it’s all about the story. The basics. And then, I elaborate. Whatever genre it is in, I fall into that realm and just let loose. Sometimes I type for hours on end. Other times, just a few moments.”

Describe your “Flintspiration:”
“I am SO sick of people just trashing Flint because of the negative things. Shall we move on? Yes, please. There are a lot of great, kind, and giving people here. I am inspired by Flint for many things. Have you seen the new Farmers Market? Totally GREAT! I love the meetings in Flint. They keep me clean! I will be six years clean and sober in Sept 2014. I work in recovery, too, so each and every day I am blessed to be of service to the great people of Flint. Not only that, I am a part of the FLINT HORROR CON, which is just smashing. I could not be more proud.”

Interested in Lucifer/David’s work? Look for these titles on his Website:, as well as, and all other book outlets:

As Lucifer Fulci:
Siki City
Lucifer Fulci’s guide to the Italian Cannibal Film!

As David Stashko:
Open Mind, Open Talk
A Diary of Sobriety

Other writing outlets:
Blood Feast Inc, Ultra Violent Magazine, and for a variety of underground magazines and Websites. He has also written a variety of screenplays for indie projects and even a few short scary stories for kids, especially when his son was younger.


Musician, father and 37-year Flint resident, Paul Counelis casts an imposing presence amongst local writers. Part of a cabal of Genesee County horror film enthusiasts, sheer dread and terror factor significantly in his work. Take the titles of three of his 17 books – Virtues of The Horror Film, 25 Underrated Horror Films (and The Exorcist), and Voices of October – and it’s easy to see that the macabre is Paul’s chosen milieu. That said, he displays an amazing versatility for such a highly-focused expert; Flint area residents might also recognize his name from his monthly column in Flint Comix. I’m happy for the opportunity to catch up with him and pleased to present to you Paul Counelis, a Flintspired writer whose dynamic and frightful body of work are definitely worth checking out!

I began writing when I was:

“12. I won an essay contest in Star Magazine, and the topic was ‘Why the Beatles are my favorite band.’ I had my first story published in a collection of Flint student writing, somewhere around 8th grade.

What moved me to write:

“Multiple influences. The first was probably Stan Lee. I read Spider-Man nonstop and wanted to write comics. Famous Monsters was next. My mother used to read poetry to me from a big book called ‘Best Loved Poems of the American People.’ Songwriting became my main outlet in my early twenties with my band Free Will, and from there it was a natural extension to writing books, movie reviews and articles for websites and magazines. My favorite writer is Roger Ebert.”

Right now, I am working on:

“A screenplay for my first feature film, ‘A Coward’s Tail,’ a book of poems about music with the eloquent Glen Birdsall, and a collection of scary stories with my artistic son, Jason. Of course, that’s only three of the 25 projects I always have going, haha.

My work differs from others in the genre because:

“With my horror writing, my primary influences are the old Universal Monsters and I’m not a huge fan of gore … I like scary stuff. To me, it’s MUCH less interesting after the boogeyman catches someone. The chase is what matters; knowing that something supernatural is out there in the night. Also, I like things that are sacred, not necessarily lowest common denominator material. Not in a snobby way, I just like to see if there are new ways to present old themes rather than the same rehashed tropes.”

I write what I do because:

“I’m fascinated by horror and Halloween and the fantastic elements of both. I had a really memorable Halloween night with my grandparents at age 15 and I often write to recapture that mood. I also like to write for children because they are less cynical in general and more open to spooky, funny stuff.”

My writing process is:

“Varying. Sometimes I have a huge idea that needs to be ‘exorcised,’ and I can’t really focus on other things until I get it out there. I have to stay up late to write because I have eight kids and there is no such thing as making a deadline with them running around the living room. Other times, I am less inspired and have to rely on craft and hope the ideas find me as I’m writing.”

My “Flintspiration” is:

“For me, being raised in a melting pot, working class town like Flint is invaluable for my empathy, compassion and maybe even the ability to adapt. My dad was a Buick worker for decades, a hardworking man who taught me the value of not quitting. I like to prove people who think nothing good comes from Flint wrong … I’m inspired by our collective will to persevere. Flint folks are often very tough, very stubborn. There are so many facets of our city that get overlooked; we have some amazing cultural things going on every single week that would surprise people who only know what they hear about Flint.”

Interested in Paul’s work? Look for these titles on

Marshall’s Gully
Virtues of The Horror Film
25 Underrated Horror Films (and The Exorcist)
Voices of October: Portraits of Modern Halloween
Anything and Everything Under the Sun (essays)
Kendall Kingsley books 1 and 2
Spook Sleuths: Legend of Old Man Gooch
Sweet City Symphony
10 Poems About My Wife
Seven Letter Poems
Riley Maine and Her Kitten Fain
11:59 and Counting: Horror Hosting in the 21st Century
Before Bedtime: Three Scary Stories For Unrest
Midnight Popcorn: Film Essays and Reviews
Live From Sunny Flint Town: Make ‘Zines Not War
Jack and the Devil (graphic novel)
Halloween Machine Omnibus” 1 and 2

Other writing outlets include:

Monster Kid Corner on, Halloween Machine, movie reviews on, Fear Finder Halloween paper, Fright Times magazine, and ShriekFreak Quarterly.

I’m proud to be from Flint, Michigan! And when I think of my beloved hometown, I don’t see images of violence, poverty, and desolation … I see creativity, talent, and an undying dream to raise this city up to its shining promise.

Flint is the center of some awesome revitalization efforts, and the air is practically buzzing with the positive energy this is creating. The city is also host to a homegrown arts/music/literature scene that’s both vibrant and growing. I’m pleasantly surprised at how many amazingly talented writers call “Vehicle City” their home. These folks are most deserving of all the support they can get, so starting next Sunday, I’ll be featuring one Flint writer on this blog. I’ll discuss what they’ve written, why they write, and how Flint continues to play a part in their creative process. I’ll be featuring one new Flint writer each week until Labor Day.

If you’re a Flint writer who’d like to be featured – or you know one –contact me here on Facebook, or email: jp(underscore)ribner(at)yahoo(dot)com. The goal is to feature as many Flint writers as I possibly can by getting their names out there.

Flinttown represent!