“Trauma Central” is what I named my childhood home in Flint, Michigan. It wasn’t so much a home as it was a factory, more productive than any of the auto shops in and around Flint at that time. But at Trauma Central, we manufactured monsters, ugly, maladaptive, egocentric monsters dressed in ill-fitting human skins, capable only of the most ruthless pursuit of their own grotesque self interests. Having transcended this dysfunctional environment I’m now filled with introspection … immeasurable and uninhibited, my thoughts crawl forth from the primordial ooze of my subconscious and are carried along by the swirling currents of my mind, eventually washing up on this page. So welcome to my personal journey out of darkness and into the light, a journey that shall no doubt raise as many questions as it seeks to answer. Such is the power of Trauma Central.

  1. queenofallevil says:

    That’s hot! Can’t wait to read your thoughts

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