Posted: July 14, 2014 in Trauma Central

What used to be 3am Thoughts is now Trauma Central. But why would I do such a thing?

Well, 3am Thoughts was not as unique as I thought. I came up with the term to describe those strange, stream-of consciousness ideas that have a penchant for bubbling up from my subconscious during the wee hours of the night. You know, “I’m having those 3am thoughts again …” Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s coined this term – after some intense research, I’ve located scads of blogs with variations of “3am Thoughts” in their names and URLs, and there’s even a website that uses the term as its address. Suddenly, my deep, unique, and mysterious idea didn’t sound so deep, unique, and mysterious anymore. So I changed it.

But why “Trauma Central,” then? And what could that possibly mean?

While those two words create an interesting nickname, there’s more to Trauma Central than just that. Trauma Central is what I call my childhood home in Flint, Michigan. Looking back, it wasn’t so much a home as it was a factory, and one that was more productive than any of the auto shops in and around Flint at that time. But we didn’t product vehicles at Trauma Central; we churned out monsters instead … ugly, maladaptive, egocentric monsters dressed in ill-fitting human skins, capable only of the most ruthless pursuit of their own grotesque self interests. Since growing up in this dysfunctional environment filled with parental narcissism and extreme sibling rivalry shaped who I am and my writing, I thought it only fitting to rename my blog in its honor. Plus, it just sounds cool. (Trauma Central; go on, say it! You know you want to.)

So welcome Trauma Central to the blogosphere. Like this page’s previous incarnation, it will continue to host to those uncensored thoughts that often visit me in the wee hours of the evening. It will also feature my weekly “Flintspired Writers” series, which as its name suggests, highlights upon a different writer from the Flint, Michigan-area each week. In addition, I plan to share my “True Tales from Trauma Central,” a dark and twisted autobiography that allows me (and you) the opportunity to dissect those things that I’ve experienced as a child/teenager in hopes of better understanding the seemingly senseless madness that I endured for decades. It’s my way of making sense of it all … and perhaps finding kindred spirits who’ve suffered similar torment.

So wipe your feet on the “Welcome” mat, come on in and have a seat as things start to get real … traumatic.

  1. So you’re sad, dark and brooding…yummy!

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